Do you think a chat room on this forum would be beneficial to you in your weight loss goals? votes

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I have been asked to initiate a group discussion thread for nurses who want to lose weight for the New Year.  The group is being created for nurses to help nurses lose weight.
We can help each other by posting our starting weights, and our weight loss goals and we will update it each week
We can share motivational stories, recipes and all kinds of helpful and interesting things, but above all we are all here to help each other and keep each other motivated.  
We can do this as a team. 
The first day of the plan will be January 1st.  If you're interested in joining, just registered with the forum (that way you will get all the updates) and then post at least each week, or as often as you would like and let everyone know how you are doing.  
If you haven't yet read the"Ten tips for weight loss" you should read it now.
It has lots of great suggestions on there to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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Great job Michelle, on setting up the thread. I am anxious to get started here.  So we all need to post starting on January 1st right?
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January 1st will be the first day and everyone that would like to join needs to register with the forum and then post their weight now as well as their weight goal and a little bit about themselves, so the group can get to know each other.  
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I never thought I would be excited about losing weight, but I am rearing to go.  This should be fun. Kind of like a competition to see how can lose the most weight. 
I love a challenge! See you on the 1st
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Wow, this is a fabulous idea.
I'm definitely in. I need to lose about 25lbs.  Yay!
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Wow, I have been looking for a support group like this one.  This is awesome.  See you guys on the 1st!
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Yeah, I need to lose some weight myself.  I won't say how much just now, but I will be back on the 1st and I will spill the beans then LOL [biggrin][rofl][love][sneaky]
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I so want to be a part of this...last semester of nursing school and I'm already up almost 30lbs from when I started!!!
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I would like to register for the weight loss group...Is this registration?
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Hi Cheryl,
To register just look at the top of the screen where it says "Login" then you will have the option to register.  Once we have your email address in the system you will be connected and will receive all the updates from this thread.  We are also considering using the chat function on here, so members can discuss their weight loss goals and support each other. 
Let me know if you need anymore help Cheryl!
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This is such an awesome idea. I need this so badly. I need to get some weight off and the doctor just told me I am borderline diabetic.  
I think it's great that we are all nurses and nursing students and can help each other, because nurses are their own breed and nurses understand other nurses.
I have tried and failed so many times, but I think having this type of support group will be amazing. 
Our lifestyles are not always healthy because we are constantly caring for others and sometimes forget to care for ourselves properly.  I am excited to be a part of this and have already registered.  I have never seen a group like this that is geared for nurses and I am so glad I found it. [wave][rofl]
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Registered and ready to go on this cool weight loss program.  I am really going to try hard this time. I need to lose about 25lbs and I need to lose it quick LOL
Great to be with a great bunch of nurses to do this with.
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This is just what I need to help me succeed.  That weight loss article was great and I so need to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight asap
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I would like to remind everyone to subscribe to this forum topic in order to receive the updates for the weight loss program.  In order to subscribe, once you have registered you will see an envelope to the bottom of your screen, where you see the topics in the forum. Once you click on this, you will be subscribed to the program and will receive all updates.

Looking forward to a great year and weight loss success for all of us!
Be ready on January 1st to enter all your information, including your weight, you weight loss goal, you can even add a before picture if you like. Also, tell everyone how you plan on losing your weight.  

If you have not yet read "Ten weight loss tips for nurses" you should read it now.
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Really pumped about this.  I have registered and clicked the button to subscribe.
I have read the article and I need to go out tomorrow and add some healthy foods to the grocery cart.  
I'm not sure what to buy just yet. Can anyone help with that?
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